The Championships is contested between all of the British Rowing Regions, with the Thames region split into three (Thames Upriver, Thames London and Thames South East) to make 12 teams in total.

All events will be raced over 1500-meters with the heats timed. The fastest 6 crews will go through to the A-Final with the others into the B-Final.

The usual points system will apply: - A-Final -1st 12 points, 2nd 11 points and so on to 6th 7 points. B-Final: - 1st 6 points 2nd 5 points and so on to 6th 1 point. Gold, Silver & Bronze medals will be awarded to each crew.

In all cases the A-Final will comprise the 6 fastest crews as a result of racing the heats. The B-Final will comprise the remainder. The only case when a B-Final will not be held is where only 7 crews are entered in the event.

In the unlikely event of any crew not taking its place in a GF or PF, the missing crew will be awarded 0 points. If a crew fails to show for a A-Final, all crews in the B-Final will receive an extra point.

Composite crews will be allowed in all events.

Doubling up will be allowed. NB the racing order has been developed to allow for doubling up WITHIN AGE BANDS.

Equipment is shared at the crew's own risk. Doubling up outside age bands is done at the crew's risk. NEITHER is taken into account in the racing order.

The events held during the regatta are as follows: -

  • J16: 8o, 4x, 2x, 1x, 4+
  • WJ16: 8o, 4x, 2x, 1x, 4-
  • J15s: 4+, 4x+, 2x and 1x.
  • WJ15s: 4+, 4x+, 2x and 1x.
  • J14s: 4x+, 2x and 1x
  • WJ14s:4x+ 2x. and 1x

NB Lane numbers will not be issued to Coxed events in the Heats until the Cox's WEIGHT CERTIFICATE is produced.

Coxes may be aged up to J18 in all coxed events

The points total will count towards: -
An overall Regional Champion.
An overall Girls Regional Champion.
An overall Boys Regional Champion

Trophies will be awarded to the regions that win these categories.

In addition to the vicotor ludorum cups, there are two other presentation cups, which remain the property of the Regatta: 

The Nigel Smith Claret Jug, which will be presented to the crew winning the J16 8o A Final 
The CUWBC Rose Bowl, which will be presented to the crew winning the WJ16 8o A Final. 

The Junior Inter-Regional Regatta will be held at: