1. Date, Venue and Teams Eligible to Compete

1.1. The 2018 Junior Inter-Regional Regatta (JIRR) will be held on Saturday, 21st April 2018 at the National Water Sports Centre, Holme Pierrepont, Nottingham NG12 2LU.

1.2. All side-by-side races take place over 1,500m with a stake boat start. 

1.3. The Regatta is contested between the following 12 “JIRR Teams”, based on the British Rowing Regions, with the Thames Region split into its three sub-regions and Wales competing with WAGS.  The 12 JIRR Teams, their abbreviations and Team colours are shown in the diagram below:

1.4. The term “Team” is used throughout this document to refer to one of more of the 12 JIRR Teams. 

Events Offered and Entry Fees

2.1. The following events are offered at the Regatta:

JIRR Events Offered

2.2. Each Team’s entry for each event must comprise competitors from registered clubs within the regions or sub-regions that make up that Team. Composite crews that comprise competitors from clubs within the same Team are permitted in all events. Crews comprising competitors from clubs in more than one Team are not allowed.

2.3 The Organising Committee encourages regions to avoid doubling up of athletes. However, where it is not possible to field a full team without this, it will be permitted. As such, the racing order has been developed to allow for doubling up WITHIN AGE BANDS. Equipment is shared at the crew’s own risk. Doubling up outside age bands is done at the crew’s risk. NEITHER is taken into account in the racing order. No changes to the race order will be made to take account of any issues arising due to doubling up etc.

2.4. Coxes may be aged up to J18 in all coxed events.

Entry Fees

2.5.Teams will pay a flat fee of £1000, to race, regardless of the number of events entered. The fee includes a T-Shirt in the Team colours for each rower/cox.

2.6. Payment for each individual Team will be submitted by the Team Manager, by a single cheque made out to British Rowing Limited or by a single electronic fund transfer to the British Rowing bank account (details supplied separately to Team Managers).

2.7. All cheques are to be sent to the JIRR Secretary, Barbara Wilson, at 29 Wantage Road, Wallingford, Oxon OX10 0LR. 

2.8. Individual Team Managers are responsible for collecting the relevant entry fees from their Team’s competitors.

2.9. The full team entry od £1000 must be paid by 8th April 2018.


2.10. Individual gold, silver or bronze medals will be awarded respectively to the first, second and third fastest three crews in the A Final of each event.

2.11. British Rowing points are not awarded to the winner of each of the events.

2.12. In addition to the vicotres ludorum cups below, there are two other presentation cups, which remain the property of the Regatta: 

a. The Nigel Smith Claret Jug, which will be presented to the crew winning the J16 8o A Final 

b. The CUWBC Rose Bowl, which will be presented to the crew winning the WJ16 8o A Final. 

Victores Ludorum

2.13. Teams will compete for the three following victores ludorum prizes, based on the number of points accrued during the finals of the relevant events: 

a. The overall Victor Ludorum (the Di Ellis Shield) 
b. The Victrix Ludorum for Junior Women’s events (the Margaret Marshall Cup)
c. The Victor Ludorum for Junior Mens’ events (the Ann & Brian Colborne Cup). 

2.14. A cup will be awarded to the highest placed Team across all events with only those Teams that in the previous Regatta were placed overall between 7th and 12th inclusive being eligible for this cup.

2.15. The shield and the cups remain the property of the Regatta.

3. Conditions of Entry

3.1. Individual competitors, including substitutes and coxes, must be registered with British Rowing.

3.2. Competitors must provide their own equipment.

3.3. All crews must have a named coach or responsible adult. The coach or responsible adult, who must be over the age of 18, must be named on the entry form and a current mobile telephone number for that person must be provided.

4. Making Entries 

4.1. Entries must be made via BROE2. This is the only format accepted this year.

4.2. Entries must be submitted by 12:00 (noon) on Sunday, 8th April 2018 and may only be made by the appointed Team Manager. The Team Manager will submit entries as if they were submitting them for their own club, save that the crews may not contain any members of their own club.

4.3. It is especially important to include in the ‘Notes’ section on BROE2, the size of t-shirt required for each of the athletes in the crew, commentary notes and a coach’s contact number. Note that T-Shirts are not available to coaches and Team Managers. One t-shirt will be provided for each ‘seat’ (a maximum of 84 per region).

4.4. If you have any queries regarding entries or the entries process, please email secretary.jirr@gmail.com or telephone 07836 774603 in good time.

4.4. A copy of the Timetable and other information will be emailed to each Team Manager by Tuesday, 10th April.

4.5. Please note that the Timetable is fixed and Team Managers should take it into account when selecting their crews as changes will not be made.

5. The Draw Process

5.1. The draw will take place at 19:00 on Monday, 9th April and will be coordinated from 229 Wantage Road, Wallingford, Oxon OX10 0LR. No details will be disclosed before 22:00 on Tuesday, 10th April when the Draw will be published on the website: jirr.britishrowing.org. An information pack containing the Timetable and General and Safety instructions will be emailed to all Team Managers who have entered crews; these documents will also be posted on the website in pdf format.

5.2. Enquiries regarding the draw should be made by email to secretary.jirr@gmail.com. Please remember to include your full contact details.

6. Making Changes to Entries

6.1. Team Managers are reminded of British Rowing Rule of Racing* 7-2-4-b: “All of the rowing members of a crew and the cox may be substituted until race entries close. Thereafter up to half of the rowing members of a crew and the cox may be substituted before the crew’s first race in an event. Any substitute must fulfil the requirements of Rule 2-1-1* and be approved as eligible by the Race Committee.” save that the substitute must be a member of the same Team as the rower he is replacing.

6.2. Withdrawal after a crew’s first race will be allowed if notice is given to the Chairman of the Race Committee (contactable via the JIRR Secretary) and there are acceptable reasons. No points will be available to crews who withdraw on race day.

7. Racing Format

7.1. All events will be raced over 1,500 metres with the heats timed. The fastest 6 crews will go through to the A Final with the others into the B Final.

7.2. The following points system will apply:

a. A Final -1st 12 points, 2nd 11 points and so on to 6th 7 points.
b. B Final: - 1st 6 points 2nd 5 points and so on to 6th 1 point.  

7.3. In all cases the A Final will comprise the 6 fastest crews as a result of racing the heats. The B Finale will comprise the remainder. The only case when a B Final will not be held is where only 7 crews are entered in the event.

7.4. In the unlikely event of any crew not taking its place in an A Final or B Final, the missing crew will be awarded 0 points. If a crew fails to show for an A Final, all crews in the B Final will receive an extra point.

8. Regulations for Racing

8.1. The Regatta is run in accordance with the British Rowing Rules, the Rules of Racing and Row Safe guidance together with its associated documents. Competitors and coaches are reminded that they should be familiar with these documents.

8.2. If a substitute coach or responsible adult attends the Regatta he/she must contact Registration and register his/her mobile telephone number.

8.3. Entry fees will not be refundable if it should become necessary, for any reason, to abandon the Regatta or any event on the day. It will be at the discretion of the Organising Committee if a partial refund is offered if the Regatta is cancelled prior to race day.

8.4. When it is not possible, for whatever reason, to complete the Regatta or any event, times from the heats may be used to determine medal winners and to declare the victores ludorum.

8.5. The Race Committee will monitor conditions throughout the Regatta and, if necessary, will adjust the draw patterns to create the fairest racing conditions.

8.6. The Race Committee reserves the right to exclude any crew or sculler from further competition in an event if it does not show sufficient competence in either attaching to the Start pontoons or progressing down the course during a race. This is applied in the interests of safety and fairness to other competitors.

8.7. It is the responsibility of each Team Manager and each Competitor to keep him/herself informed of any changes to the event programme.

8.8. Competitors are reminded that they must bring their Racing Licences with them. Racing Licences must include an up-to-date photograph.

8.9. British Rowing Rule of Racing 7-2-5* does not apply to this Regatta.  Competitors may wear either the strip of the Club that they are representing, or a uniform garment in their Team colour. Team t-shirts provided  by the Regatta should, where possible, be on display. 

9. Photography

9.1. There are official photographers and videographers at the Regatta. These photographs and videos (which may include live streaming) may be used on the website and social media sites of the Regatta or by British Rowing. By entering the Regatta, competitors and those responsible for them consent to this.

9.2. Competitors and those responsible for them should be aware that other, non-official photographers might operate at national sporting events and the subsequent photographs may be freely used in print, digital media or elsewhere, over which the Organising Committee has no control.

9.3. Coaches and competitors agree that by entering crews they have made the crew members and their parents/guardians (where in loco parentis) aware of the above two paragraphs.

10. Welfare and Safeguarding

10.1. The Organising Committee of the Regatta recognises their Duty of Care to ensure that all reasonable steps are taken to provide a safe environment for all those attending the Regatta in whatever capacity. The Committee believes that the safety, welfare and wellbeing of all children and vulnerable adults is paramount. The Committee has in place a comprehensive welfare and safeguarding policy which will be circulated prior to the Event and published on the website. 

10.2. Each Team Manager is responsible for the welfare, safety and appropriate supervision of his/her Team and is expected to know the whereabouts of his/her Team at all times during the Regatta. Sufficient appropriate supervision should be in place within each Team to accommodate the number of junior competitors attending the Event. Any safeguarding concerns MUST be escalated to the JIRR Welfare Advisor immediately. 

11. Clean Sport Statement

11.1. The Junior Inter-Regional Regatta is committed to Clean Sport. All athletes, athlete support personnel and clubs are bound and must abide by the World Anti-Doping Agency Code. Athletes competing at the Regatta could be tested at any time, and by entering this event it will be deemed that consent to be tested has been given. 

11.2. To understand more about anti-doping, the rules and your responsibilities, go to www.britishrowing.org/antidoping or email antidoping@britishrowing.org 

12. Table of Key Dates

* Please note that the British Rowing Rules of Racing are cited according to their numbering in the 2017 edition. The numbers might change when the 2018 edition is published.


Version 1.  Published 5th February 2018.