What Talent Testing involves

Find out what what to expect if you’re invited to a Talent Testing session

There are three main parts to the Talent Testing session.

Part 1. Finding out more about YOU

Your height, arm span and weight will be measured.

We’ll also ask you to tell us details about your previous sporting background – what sports you’ve done, how long you were involved with them, and what you achieved. This includes any experience you have on an indoor rowing machine or in a boat.

Part 2. Strength test

Concept 2 Dyno Concept 2 Dyno

You’ll then get an opportunity to warm up and practise the tests, which we’ll explain to you.

We will ask you to carry out three exercises on a Concept 2 Dyno machine:

  • Leg press
  • Arm press
  • Arm pull.

These are all 3 repetition, max effort tests, in which we record the Work (Force x Distance) you do. We will record the average Work for each of the 3 rep tests.

Part 3. Endurance test

To measure your endurance fitness, we use Assault bikes, which you cycle using your arms as well as your legs – because rowing uses both your arms and your legs.

You start at a set number of revolutions per minute (rpm) e.g. 65 rpm for a minute, and then the tester will tell you to increase how hard you’re working by 5 rpm every minute until you can’t do any more. This will really test your grit as well as endurance!


We’ll then have a quick chat with you about how the testing went and will give you a letter explaining the tests and any next steps. If successful, we will email you later to let you know!

What to wear and bring

Wear any comfortable sports kit (not jeans) and trainers.

Have a water bottle with you.

And that’s it!

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